Monday, January 04, 2010

Teasers 'n' B-rolls?

Vans have done some tour (that I think they did updates for a while back, maybe?) that's now gonna be in RideUK next issue (In magazine news, Photo Issue of Dig out now - doesn't take a genius to work out there's probably going to be a reasonable amount of Ricky Adam shots in there, which means there's going to be a reasonable amount of awesome photos at the very least). There's going to be an 'exclusive' video on the Ride site when the issue drops, so sit tight. Plenty of big guns in it, watch out!

Everyone in the 'media' seems to be buzzing over Let's Get Mystical, but I'm not really convinced. It's reasonably good, but having watched it after watching Attention Stalybridge and The Wythenshawe Waltz and a few other awesome videos, it just seemed fairly protracted and most definitely more filler than killer. I can appreciate the more artsy sorta videos there, and definitely have no problem with them, but it just didn't really do it for me like Stoked On Being Pumped (ironically) did. Anyways, here's some B-roll stuff, which kinda gives you a reasonable taster of what it's like to watch.

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