Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Well, looks like Ian Schwartz is upping sticks and leaving the 'pro' BMX world according to this post on the Sunday site. "Retirement" makes it sound a bit dramatic, but it is a shame that there's going to be less chance of seeing more riding from him. His part in the Sunday DVD was pretty awesome - a little long, but jam-packed with original riding at original spots. Always a good combo, and not one that many people seem capable of achieving or working towards. Anyway, click that previous link to see what's up and why he's 'leaving', then click here to read his TCU interview. It's a pity there's no online version of his Ride US interview as it was fully awesome, with some surprisingly good photos and editorial from Ride US. It was pretty rare in that his Ride US interview was almost better than his Ride UK interview, which is a combo that doesn't happen often... 'cos this is awesome, watch it - from Defgrip.

Speaking of Defgrip, I mentioned the new Dig yesterday - Defgrip now have some more info on it here.

Lastly - J.J. Palmiere has been a bit off the radar recently 'cos of a blown knee. He's starting to get back on it now, and here's a webvid for Premium, that is effectively a warning shot to show how good his Deadline section's going to be.

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