Friday, January 29, 2010

Your name here.

I posted the London section from One More Brew up a while back, but after some negative comments Ollie decided to let the terrorists win and take down the video. Dario's section has been uploaded too, and appears to be here to stay so hopefully this won't lead to a confusing post where there's a big 'Video not available' in it...

Tunney put up a "Ten Reasons You Should Pay Attention To Flatland" (with the 11th presumably being "Because Red Bull's money says you should", judging from the exclusively Red Bull photos in there) feature, click here to see if you agree.

Cult are keeping themselves in the media spotlight with this Chase Dehart edit. Only short, but that last combo's sweet. Cult seem to be going at the PR thing in a fairly pro, skateboarding-esque way. More power to them, I guess...

Now for two things that are completely different - a pretty cool interview with Sandy Carson (That I saw over on United), and this cool old school photo feature that I saw over on Volume.

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