Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hunger strikes.

I am ravenous, so this is going to be necessarily brief.

I could watch Steven Hamilton videos all day, and in my youth I have done. However, I don't remember watching this before until it flashed up on Dig today. From The Day Is Over, some amazing riding that's 6 years old but almost everyone reading this would be really happy to have done themselves. (EDIT: Apparently this was originally uploaded by Federal, so kudos to them)

The Cult hype juggernaut rolls on:

I watched this video immediately after watching the WTP video, and really didn't feel the need to post it. I wasn't really into it, especially after seeing that vid, but as people have different opinions to me, here it is. Mark Webb, Sunny Side Up:

I'm now also cold and ravenous, typing on someone else's weirdly laid out keyboard, so I'm gone. Ta-ta.

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