Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mark's Tedious Link?

In an old interview, Eddie Cleveland replied to the question "What would you change about yourself?" with "Bigger feet and hair like a white man." Well, Eddie has another interview up, and because I have larger feet, I missed out on getting the awesome pair of Etnies from TK Maxx my house-mate got by having undersized feet. Speaking of Etnies, the Odyssey X Etnies shoe is out - click that link to check it. How's that for editorial link-up? Pretty damn fine, if I say so myself.

One of my favourite web-videos from last year was a Give-D edit of the San Diego locals with some kind of remix of Born To Be Wild as the sound-track - Albert Mercado and Hoang Tran were stand-outs in that vid, and now Albert Mercado has a new little skatepark edit I spotted on the Kink site, and Hoang Tran has some lines in the latest Tuesdays With Miles I saw on TheComeUp.

Time for some photos methinks - first up, some awesome photos by Rob Dolecki (I shouldn't need to put 'awesome' before 'photos' there, bearing in mind Rob Dolecki hasn't ever seemingly shot a bad one) on Dig from a recent Banks Jam, and then some photos of Mike Hoder in a "The new flipbook" style thing on S&M.

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