Monday, January 25, 2010

On a roll.

Already signed in when I go to make a blog post? That never happens! Anyways, here's a bunch of stuff that caught my eye today:

FBM sort of re-posted the Tom Blyth web-edit that came out late last year. It's an awesome vid, and it'd be rude not to re-post it, so here it is!

Speaking of old videos, this is 4 days or so old but I only got a chance to watch it yesterday. You've no doubt seen it elsewhere, but... well... handle it, I guess. From Mutiny.

It's always kinda seemed to me that Lotek had the fashion kinda riders, but Vans had the awesome, under-rated riders. This video goes some way to proving that - the second part of their Cali Bro tour. Pretty long, might wanna load this beaut up for a bit first.

I know what you're thinking - rain, in the North East? Best believe. Here's a vid from some people I'd not really heard of before in this guise, the TuWheelsCo. Bit of a roadtrip edit, featuring some intriguing spots!

Lastly, just saw this over on Dig - Tonash Goodyear's edit of the building of the Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam. Really nicely filmed and edited with a pretty cool tune - not much in the way of riding, but those three plus points outweigh that!

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