Friday, January 08, 2010


Well, tonight I was the second coldest I've ever been, and again it was related to BMX (First was in Leeds, filming for the Lorenzo Reid edit that came out years ago). Rampworx, lots of people, and not much fun. I really can't deal with indoor parks at all. Who tries to learn footjam whips on flat in the middle of one of the busiest parts of the park, then sits at the bottom of a roll-in to catch their breath? Really? Anyway...

Yet another post about Cult - I boshed a link up to their website earlier, but failed to point out all their swanky new product up on there. The frames look/sound pretty rad, it'll be interesting to see how they ultimately turn out. Here's one of them:

On my not-particularly-often-used Blogger feed, I happened to spot a new post from Nick Ferreira about the new AM:PM video. Here's the trailer, video's out now (theoretically!):

How awesome is this? Pretty damn awesome, that's how awesome. But seriously - it's really good! Some style cues from the recent Carhartt edit by Rich Forne maybe? In any case, if you haven't ridden in a pair of Half Cabs you haven't lived.

No doubt if you're a trails rider it's probably a little thin on the ground inspiration-wise at the moment - not exactly ideal digging conditions I'd imagine (not that I'd know?). Dig have put up another Refresh edit, this time a trails feature. Feast your eyes...

I hate just ending posts because it's kinda poor form, but I don't really have any more to say.


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