Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hell yes!

The gap to wallride at the end of this video has been called out by one or two people in the past, and I've been there when someone's eyed it up previously. It's pretty massive, and I remember at the time sort of hoping they wouldn't do it because that way I wouldn't have to shoot a photo of them killing themselves. Anyway, Jason Phelan is an absolute monster whether it's gaps to wallride or [censored], so it's not too surprising he nailed it. While we're talking of nailing things, Rich Wilson nailed the edit, which is itself 'Very Rich Wilson' in it's style - not that that's a bad thing. Enough talking anyway, check it out. Trailer for a series:

I'm still waiting for my body to decide whether it's going to make me throw up for eating gone-off vegetable stir fry or not, so nighty night...

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