Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ride UK day?

Meant to post these over the relevant days they came up on the site, but I've been busy either at work or being ill, so I've not really had much of a chance... Anyway, 2010 wallpapers, an awesome Photobooth with Benson and a Preview of their new issue (which features the third Informer I've had photos in with no photo credit, haha - in related news, it's of Pete Greaves who also has the riding photo for the Queens Banks article. No coverage for forever, then 2 articles in a month, steady progress).

There were a couple of videos I was going to watch today, but they were generally park based and after watching the pretty cool Range Of Motion at lunchtime I can't really handle watching anyone ride any more transitioned items for a day or two.

EDIT: I suck - here's a Mike Saavedra 'Day in the life' I got round to watching that was pretty cool. Dude has a nice car, and a hat my housemate would be fully in approval of.

Saw this over on Deluxe.

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