Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Webvid Day?

So, couple of videos up today. First off, Dakota Roche has banged out an edit at a park in the US of A for Cult. In related news, turns out the Cult 'zine is still going, which rules!

Ashley Charles quite often seems to get overlooked by people as he's not a big, in your face sponsored pro dude, but he's still ridiculously good. I mean, just watch this video. Winner. This was for Eclat.

UK street, aw yeah. This is a 'To Flat' edit from the P5/Dub street jam in London (although technically Scotty D doesn't really go 'to flat' on that ledge ride...), which features an ender that was featured as an ender for the old Carhartt jam from years ago. Still a ridiculous trick though, you really have to go there to get an idea of how gigantic that set is, and how bad the run-out is.

Put up a part from a video called 'Gotta Blast' a few days ago - turns out it was an old Shook video. Here's a few more bits from it:

Mentioned yesterday the news about Ian Schwartz GTFO of the BMX pro world. Adam from TheComeUp did a bit of a retrospective that has some of his old videos on it, click here to see that. This is his part from the Sunday video though. Too good.

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