Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rapid fire.

I have no time, but I now have a wireless internet dongle so it should be all good for posting at home now. Ideal!

Anyway, Chase Hawk interview that may interest some. Apparently Robbie's interview is up tomorrow, then the trailer the day after. Adam's putting in the work. Speaking of Adam's working, Adam Roye is still doing Cult 'zine, which is awesome news! In related zine news, the new Holeshot is out, and it's pretty fine. Get some...

I'm a pretty big fan of Tom Perry (click his label for some vids), and he's now got a bike check on Odyssey. Colour matching parts with your hair - good effort?

Proper have a new copper colourway out, check out their site for the new range. Got 'em in 20", 20.6", 21" and 21.2". Some new colourways on the bars too, go lookit!

Lastly, for all your photographers out there, I think Howies are doing a photo comp with Dig, but Dig's site isn't playing ball. From what my Mum tells me (don't ask), details are in the back of the latest issue.

No videos? No.

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