Friday, January 22, 2010


I remember seeing a clip of Chase Hawk doing a 360 to manual on the T-1 ramp in You Get What You Get (You need to see this vid if you haven't) and thinking it was amazing, turns out he's got them awesome and indeed brakeless according to this new video from Nuno.

Saw this video over on Deluxe, and it's amazing! Haven't seen anything like it before, looks like such a fun session. Top marks to those who put spade to dirt to make them.

Seventies have a cool 'team' video up where they show some of the shoots for their new catalogues 'n' stuff - some old footage that people won't have seen yet, and some more recent stuff. Fun fact - when Niki does the whip on the bank to 180 off, then high fives a Shelter worker, he got her number. Seeing Niki work his magic on her was amazing, like putty in his hand.

Saw this on the Fly site when I was looking for the not particularly interesting video of Kevin Porter putting a tube on his bike, but got reminded about it by TCU - here's a bikecheck with Stefan Lantschner, featuring a frame I was nearly going to buy tomorrow. So near, yet so far. In related news, see all you Southampton dudes tomorrow!

Time to poo, gotta run.

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