Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I almost forgot...

There's something about the Big Big BMX Show that I don't quite understand. Now, I don't claim to be particularly intelligent, or to know the in's and out's of everything that's going on in the BMX world, but there's something I can't quite put my finger on when it comes to this particular series of web videos.

There's something about Glen P.P. Milligan's editing and way of talking about things that seems almost forced, but in a way that it's hard to tell whether it's taking itself seriously, being a parody of itself, or just not really getting the point. It's something that plays on my mind whenever I watch it. However, I happened to have a glance at the latest one (embedded below) and there is a moment of pure gold in there.

I'd been thinking to myself how weird it was to have a web video to talk about other web videos, then only show small excerpts from web videos. It seems to be basically like this blog (and all the others like it), but if I just showed you screenshots or something... Anyway, that had been spinning around in my mind when they happened to start talking about the recent DUB video (Click the DUB label below to find it). The Big Big BMX Show seems to portray itself as a clean-cut, family friendly, wholesome sorta affair (Which is again why I couldn't work out what the deal was with it), yet here they were talking about a video in which various youths from the streets of the UK party, do ket and construct various means of taking "Mary Jane" (To use a Big Big BMX Show friendly phrase). Essentially, as this cut of the DUB vid started playing, all I could think was "Will they show the lines?" There was the riding, Scotty D on the toilet, people getting naked, crashes, then the aforementioned mask/weed clip (*gasp!*), and just when the lines clip was about to appear... Well, you'll have to watch the vid for yourself to find that out. Good comedy.

Oh, and the BBQ Jam is worth checking out too...

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