Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photos 'n' stuff.

First off, big thanks to Joel for the floorspace and films for the last few nights, and to John for the tasty food. Cheers dude! Thanks to everyone else who rode/hung out at P1 and P2/was around this week too, it was rad.

As a result of my camera charger not arriving 'til I was already in Southampton, I stretched my budget by buying a £2 disposable camera to document some stuff, so here's a few pics from the past few days. Quality: High.

Joel with a shoulder-on-strip-light-high carve on a vert wall in a location so secret I had to be triple blind-folded, knocked unconcious and dragged to it to keep it under wraps. If I don't update for a few days, well, they'll probably have caught up with me for posting this...

Protection at Joel's place.

T-bog and a Euro at Hoglands by Joel.


Carlos, drunk and lurking.

Canon EOS30D for sale, highest bidder...

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