Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yet more videos?

And indeed other content, but more on that later.

I mentioned in the last post about music that I liked ending up in webvids being pretty cool, and specifically mentioned Modest Mouse and Of Montreal - Vinyl have added to that list today with Band Of Horses in this edit they did for Dig:

More BMX >>

If you're watching this here, you all owe me one so you didn't have to go on the Mpora site and listen to a rubbish ad for some hideously annoying video game decide to autoplay really loudly. Most intrusive, annoying site... (EDIT: I was just listening to that song by playing the video again, and that ad came up at the end again. NO. NO, NO, NO.)

Anyway - Ride UK have decided to post up some Classic Articles on their site, and this one is the awesome Brian Foster one they did a fair few issues ago. Click here for Part 1, here for 2 and here for 3.

In "Classic" news, Joe Cox has put up one of the Bonus Sections from Tomorrow We Work online, and here it is - all filmed in Spain:

Odio Casa Mafia En Espania from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

In totally unrelated news, there are some awesome deals on at The Shop at the moment, so go check them out in case something tickles your fancy (e.g. FBM frames for £179.99 - £120 off! Bargainous).

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