Thursday, March 19, 2009

(Formerly) local news.

When e-mails first started being sent more frequently than people were sending letters to each other, people lamented the loss of the excitement of finding a new letter had been delivered to you from someone you hadn't heard from for a while. Whilst no doubt that's still probably missing to some people, I still really like finding e-mails lurking in my inbox from people I haven't heard from for quite a while - that was definitely the case when Sam (Who those of you who ride Southampton will know of) dropped me a line today. In his e-mail he had a link to a little mixtape a friend of his had made, which also featured Sam later on flowing the new line at their trails during the first trails session of the year. Looks like a good time!

Similarly, Sam also let me know he'd heard from other formerly local rider George, who is now living it up in Rotterdam. Apparently he's having a rad time, and getting plenty of riding in (There's a ridiculous amount of street and park to be ridden there), so expect some pics as and when I get them.

Lastly, Dan is currently somewhere on the east coast of Vietnam having a sweet time (If you've seen that Top Gear episode, he's at the point where they all got their suits tailor-made), having already cruised through Thailand and Cambodia. It's alright for some, eh...

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