Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, due to Carlos feeling a little fragile today, P2 work's hit the buffers so I've decided to use Joel's net connection to hit up the Blog, and on a reasonable day too - full length videos from Derelict, Carhartt and... well... that's it, but that's pretty much an entire hour of BMX which should really be enough. Oh, there was a Sunday video too that felt like a feature film even though it wasn't, but that was more 'cos I just didn't really want to watch it anyway...

First up, the Derelict video (Seen over on Deluxe - from their full length vid released in early '08:

Derelict BMX - Never Gonna Win (2008) from Dave King on Vimeo.

Secondly, the Carhartt Gran Canaria vid (Features Stefan Lanstcher, Bruno Hoffmann, Owain Clegg and some other people who were reasonably forgetable. I don't think I've seen a bad Stefan L or Bruno H part, and although this video dragged at times, there's still some awesome riding.


Speaking of awesome riding, if you live in Southampton, come ride some street tonight? Do it, you won't regret it...

In genuine news though, Fly are the latest company to get ESPN'd, go check that out here.

Erny crafting some kind of drop nose Pivotal hybrid, seen over on Mutiny:

Lastly, 'cos I need to go use Joel's shower, here's some online Joel action, his interview on Ride re: OMB. Ch-ch-check it!

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