Monday, March 09, 2009


In Harry Main style news, no sooner has Karl Poynter got a signature Sunday frame he's upped sticks and moved to Eastern? Whaaaaaaaaat?

Forgot to post this when I first saw it, but the latest On The Road vid from James Cox on the Ride* site is cool, and is also here:

More BMX >>

In hideously unrelated news, what? The world is crazy.

Lloyd's put another little diary-style day edit on Streetphire from the desolate streets of MK. No-hander -> manny -> bars being a personal favourite.

Untitled from lloyd wright on Vimeo.

Something awesome's in the pipeline regarding Lloyd too, but nothing more can be said at the moment.

Some of you might've seen Subrosa's Bash Bike before (Hit up their site for more, or search on here), and continuing in that 'bringing back old details' style, here's a random sample they had that Ryan and Kyle have been running:


In other "New frame news", Chase Hawk's popular signature frame is having another revision, this time being converted to a more Dak-esque frame with narrower, but thicker, tubing, front triangle gussets, etc. - check out how thin the stays are. Pics from DevonHutchinsDotCom. And, indirectly, Fit.

*If I've got to put up with seeing a steamy-mirror picture of Thierry Henry every time I go on their site, it'd be a lot better if the ad didn't randomly open itself to it's full size then freeze, leading to accusations of "Are you gay? Why are you looking at a naked Thierry Henry?" when people walk into my room...

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