Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a hero...

Tom Mann - what a hero.

Much like Tom's bike setup, I'm going reasonably ghetto/old school with this blog post because as a result of a rubbish internet connection, I'm having to make like I did with DISSRM's old blogs and write it all up in Notepad, then copy it over and hope I got all the coding right. Fingers crossed.

So - where to start? Well, maybe with a slew of Mutiny news? First up, the quieter member of the Mutiny team, Brandon "It's pronounced Harris" Hoerres has a new webvid out. It's official, the point at 1:25 is the worst feeling when you ride.

Brandon Hoerres from GrantC on Vimeo.

In other Mutiny Team Rider News, Ryan Smith got given a fresh setup that you can check more photos of here. Pretty rad. Even... um... "radder" still is Mat Roe's new bike, which you can see here. Can't wait for the "You've copied Mat Roe's bike!" accusations during South Bank weekend sessions...

Mat Roe's new Cosmotron

Ryan Smith's new Mystic

Speaking of, the last SB session ended a little sour for one Phil Feeney. Pegs to unintentional ice to front-wheel-rail-support-hookup to O.T.B. to eyebrow gash to hospital trip. Dialled. I don't know how well this'll work, but if you want to see my friend get taken out in HD, go here.

Celebrity rider/photographer/Pijinblog contributor Mike Netley ("Poor man's Rob Castle" according to this month's "Firing Line" column by Dye) has a fresh new bike, which I saw up on Deluxe. Sweet!

Alex Kennedy has gone from someone I hadn't heard of 'til James introduced me to the guy he was doing some "Stay True" tattoo for to BMX styley tweaky superstar with a bunch of people sponsoring him from Fit to Nike. He's also now landed himself some prime coverage in the form of the cover of Ride 126 - and has duly been given an interview up on their site to ask him about the trip, the shoot and so on. In very much related news, the new issue's really good. A definite step up from some stuff recently with some awesome roadtrip articles from both Fit and Federal, and yet more rad Dolecki content (Potentially his last now he's switched teams?) - definitely worth your money in Borders/W.H. Smith's tills. Or indeed Pijin's if you're in Southampton!

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