Friday, March 06, 2009

Bits 'n' bobs.

Instead of talking about riders chopping and changing who they're representing, this time it's magazines? In order (Leaving out the obvious Noble/Noble change)...

Nathan Beddows is now bumped up to Assistant Editor on Ride.
Brian Tunney is off Dig.
Rob Dolecki is off Ride, and is now on Dig flow as Managing Editor and Photographer.

There are apparently a few other change ups in the works, so I'll keep you up to date in Media Team News some time soon. I guess it's all Factory so it's all the same thing anyway? Who knows. If you particularly want to find out, word on the street is that all the Ride guys head up to Cantelowes on a Wednesday night to ride so you could ask them yourself. Cantelowes is usually a pretty good time, so might as well!

Oh yeah - whole point of this spiel was that Rob D has a piece up on Dig about the change-up. Rob's an amazing photographer and writer so if he gets to put more time into getting content setup then that's all good.

Speaking of stuff I'm into - Mat Roe. Specifically, Mat Roe's signature frame from Mutiny, which you can catch a preview of right here.

In other New Product news, H-Man informs me/tells me to post up that Seventies have a bunch of new Kink stuff up. Here's a taster, go check it out! Or H-Man will kill me. Go there now. New Kink fatter seats? Winners.

Madera's Lil Jeff has a rad new vid up - plenty of pedalling, plenty of style, aaaaall good.

Ooooooooh, also almost just forgot the new Ian Frickin' Schwartz webvid. Another change of style for the Madonna of BMX? Ridden with some many different styles before! Read that interview with him I posted a few days ago on the Sunday site, then watch this vid...


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