Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dig, Mutiny, WTP, etc...

First up was the most shocking bit of news today (Well, I say "shocking", the world hasn't exactly stopped spinning) - Morgan Wade is off Mutiny. I guess it kinda makes sense with how their team's shaping up, but still, he's been there for 8 years which is a pretty long time. They've got a bit of text up on their site about it (click here for that), which essentially is a "Thanks dude!" "No, thanks to you!" thing.

Also on their site they mentioned their '08 Webvid - well worth a watch! Here it is in SB, click "HD" to go check out the... well, HD version of it on Vimeo.

Mutiny Spring 08 Web Video from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

In Dig news, they had some cool stuff up on their site today, up to and including a Ben Lewis bikecheck ("Modifications:
Angle grinded the dropouts and ball hammered the rear tubes to help with my new tyre clearance." Wait - what?), a link to a cool BMXFeedesque iPhone app, and a reminder to me to post the link to the Boxed Wine Fiasco blog JPR (Of FBM) has setup - and also the news he's now on the Dig staff to do a column each issue by the same name.

I like WeThePeople. I also like my A2B, and I also especially like the new colour for the A2B:

For more angles a world of info about that frame, click here, or to buy it, click here.

Speaking of buying things - if you're tempted by the Fly Fino grips, the Eclat Complex seat/post combo or the Tree frame, but need to be reassured about their positive qualities in a soothing American voice, click Here to see Vital's Gear Guide.

Very lastly, 2 hour shark/man combat makes trying to learn a new trick seem relatively tame. Apologies for linking to the Daily Mail...

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