Monday, October 04, 2010


Not Mixellaneous, although that vid was awesome...

Speaking of 'awesome vids', there's some cool stuff from Purpl that I hadn't spotted previously, namely their "Purpl30" features with Dan Paley and Thomas Pratt - one features some cool riding, the other features some cool 'stuff'. Interesting range of content though, always a treat.

Totally unrelated, but inbetween writing the first bit of that and finding the embed codes, I watched the final of the The Battle At The Berrics and seeing Paul Rodriguez turn on God mode about 3/4 of the way through was out of hand. Shut-down!

Speaking of TheBerrics, and also BrightonAin'tReady (which we weren't, I suppose), Kink have created a new 'project' for themselves in the form of The Kink House. Essentially a brand specific version of B.A.R., it also gives Lloyd Wright an awesome opportunity to escape the winter and hit up Cali. Jealous?

California related is this video from Defgrip, feat. Timmy Theus and Kevin Porter. I appreciate the way that every time I see a K.P. edit he does something that I think would be pretty fun to learn. It's obviously not the be-all and end-all of content for web-edits or even riding in general, but it's nice to see instead of the usual "+1" school of riding-related thought.

Ben Lewis scored the latest Fit UK ad, and this is the Ride UK video about how it happened. I sincerely hope I never see another video with those type of transition/layered clips ever again. I mean that.

In total contrast to pretty much everything else in this (that's generally been about clean brand identities, warm sunny weather and all that sorta jazz), here's a video of Jersey riding his signature BSD frame up in Aberdeen. Barca and California it ain't, but he still gets the job done.

Lastly, before I go and try and clean some of the Nitromors burns from earlier frame-stripping, apparently I Wanna Live got 'leaked' online. I'd strongly recommend going and looking at how awesome some of the sections in that video are, then I'd recommend giving the shop a call and buying a copy, thus supporting the company that brought that video to you in the first place, the best BMX shop in the UK who are giving you the opportunity to own it, and also getting to enjoy what's a really, really good video in the quality it deserves. Pirate copies just aren't the same. I don't wanna get all "FACT" on you or anything, but it's cool being able to watch videos in the way they were intended. Also helps when your house-share happens to also comprise of a beasting flatscreen HD TV...

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