Sunday, October 10, 2010


Usual weirdness from Erik Elstran - all good though!

I have a feeling I neglected to post this when it originally dropped, but hey ho - the new Get Used To It video looks like it should be pretty cool:

Speaking of 'pretty cool', Pete's reply of "Take a hike, Spielberg" to a negative commenter on TheComeUp is definitely one of the best rebuttals I've seen on a BMX site. While I'm talking about TheComeUp, those BallParkFranks adverts need to go. I've got about 12 tabs open at the moment, so the race to find which tab was randomly autoplaying Dave Mirra talking about things I don't care about wasn't much fun. That's not even mentioning the massive skating adverts all round the page too. Matador nailing that targeted advertising. Oh, wait...

This was up a while ago, but it got re-posted by Cult and is worth watching again.

This is a Caleb Quanbeck video which obviously means it's going to contain at least one ridiculous nose manual, but this one luckily contains two.

Having been stuck in bed the past few days, I'm going to go and resume my marathon BBC iPlayer session. Woke at 8am, watched the end of the F1, watched the end of the MotoGP, then smashed through the Commonwealth Games coverage. I am so bored.

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