Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Every time I hear the name Joss Fenn I always, despite his name being different, think it's my old friend Joss from Southbank. As a result, I alway think "No way, cool!" and then watch the video. Over time, I've learnt that although he's not who I think he is, Joss Fenn's videos are worth watching in any case. Couple his riding with the cool editing from Purpl, and you get a cool Purpl30. Speaking of editing, Mike King gets his own Purpl30 too where you get to see him use one of those weird-yet-good mouse (mice? mouses?) things, edit some clips, and show he's part of the Dell Massif. RPRZNT.

Mutiny posted this video of Grant C and Brandon H (can never really remember how to spell this surname. Good thing I don't work for ESPN or someone like that where you have to do the whole "I'M A PRO SPORTS REPORTER!" thing of refering to people by their surname only...). I'm also posting it, purely because you really need to check out how incredibly casual Hoerres' (did it) barspin down the 2-set is at 1:32. I mean, I know it's only a 2-set, but it just looks so good and I don't really know why. You'll see.

Lastly, this is a Mark Webb video so you should probably know what to expect, but the frontie onto the building thing's pretty cool.

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