Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here and there.

Some old, some new, mostly cool.

Speaking of - an old part from your new favourite rider, which happens to be pretty cool. Definitely one of my favourite Safety First parts - Albert Mercado. Seeing as it's also up, Lil Jon and Landon Anderson's split part, although I was never really as keen on it. The banger for that part is bangin' though!

While we're talking Kink - Darryl Tocco has been someone I've always looked out for footage of since I first saw Insight. He's been riding for Osiris for a while now, and this is an edit he put together for them.

Another guy on Osiris is the ever-changing Josh Betley. Rad dude and pretty handy on a bike too, no matter how many pegs he's got or how high his seat happens to be...

Cologne is also good, and as a bonus fact that spot with the double set with the weird raised sections was the place where I did the best thing I've ever done on a BMX. A fairly odd statement to make, but I was genuinely surprised I pulled it, and it capped off an awesome trip. Taliban has the footage, or used to, but I somehow doubt it'll ever see the light of day. Still, that's life.

And on that slightly odd, awkward note, I'm off. Tatty bye bye.

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