Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm typing this seated on a brand new office chair, sitting at a desk with my laptop, a proper mouse and mouse-mat, a digital typewriter, an external hard-drive, a massive dead moth that's staring at me and some turbo strength cold/flu medicine. Just thought I'd set that scene for you. Feels pretty pro...

Speaking of pro - the Rail Jam at Interbike is potentially the only real thing I'm going to post from Interbike in so much as it was the only thing that actually involved riding, and I'm very much more interested in that rather than more unimaginative parts. Some of the lines people do in this are about a million % more original and innovative than almost every part shown at Interbike this year. Vital had this video up - I don't want to put any spoilers, but damn... I really want to say how awesome it was to see some of the moves in there.

Speaking of things that are awesome - any Erik Elstran footage is good, and this video for The Set is no different. I'm keen on anything that's pretty much done purely to wind up people who deserve to be wound up, so if you find yourself recoiling in horror and heading over to TheComeUp to cry about the double 'giver' in this video, then you and I probably wouldn't get along.

In total contrast to that, most Etnies edits seem to be produced to try and appeal to as many people as possible and offend as few people as possible, and this video's not really much of an exception. That being said, there's some cool stuff in there.

Cult apparently had a promo they made to play at Interbike, so it should be cool seeing that when it drops for us 'normies' who didn't go to the Worst Place In The World just to look at some bicycle parts and watch Garrett Reynolds do a fakie nozzer down a ledge (Spoiler!), but The Trip have already put their promo video up. Pretty much a remix of their sweet 35min long 'promo' video from before, but still, worth watching:

Speaking of promos, I can't remember if I put this up before, and checking requires extensive clicking and looking so I'm not going to do that, but hopefully I didn't... Eclat's team is "Stacked" as they'd probably say on ESPN, and for good reason.

That's it. Apologies for the lack of external linking, but I'm very much not in the mood to type a href = "" target="_blank" and all that jazz over and over again. I hope that I'm not about to find that writing that in the middle of this paragraph explodes the Blog when I click "Publish Post" after I write the labels in for this post. If I didn't, woo. If I did, fffuuuuuuu-

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