Friday, September 24, 2010


Man, I forgot how balls being ill is. As a result, looking at not-very-interesting videos from Interbike hasn't been too appealing. Seems most people are just bringing out new colourways of old products, "new to them" catalogue products or just a range of bangin' completes. Once it's all died down a little I'll try and put up some highlights rather than going for the total media saturation that everyone else is keen on.

In total contrast, I've been pretty into this after seeing them on the Case Facebook page - the raw footage from Clint Reynolds' coast to coast trip. Here's part one - click through their channel for others. After being totally blown away by This Is United, most other vids seemed pretty tame but the pure awesomeness and simplicity of this video really got me. It's always cool seeing people having fun doing what they enjoy, and when 'what they enjoy' happens to be blasting rad tables, super smooth gaps and boosting airs like Clint Reynolds, it's even better.

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