Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some things.

Kink have some new stuff coming out, incl. a signature Tony Hamlin frame, a sig. Sean Sexton Pivotal seat and some new other bits 'n' bobs. Go here to see them.

Couple of bits from Interbike, firstly Clicked's "Top 3's":

Secondly, Tunney's opinion of things - speaking of, should be interesting seeing how all the millions of smaller, distributor-with-a-different-name brands work out. I didn't really think there was enough money around to do that kinda thing, but we'll see...

Hideout have a new video out that makes the current rainy autumn/winter action seem even worse...

Scott Marceau took some sequences of the guys riding for the new OSS video, so if you want to watch a sort of jittery, silent version of some of the lines in the video, here you are:

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