Sunday, September 12, 2010

iPod cable.

Yep, named this post after the first thing I saw.

I'm pretty sure when all the 2011 completes come out from all the different companies involved in BMX, once at least one of all the different models of bike on the market get sold the current amount of bikes in the world will double, if not treble. I mean seriously, millions of bikes. Stepping up to the "Whoa there, that's enough" plate are Sunday and Diamondback. Sunday made a little embedded player, Diamondback didn't, so you can view the Sundays here but have to go to DB's site to view their's.

In "New stuff" news, Clicked have an exclusive...

Also in "New" news, the next issue of Cult is apparently out soon, although it seems to be going more down the 'corporate' (for want of a better word) route rather than the previous route (e.g. more photos of bike parts, less porn photos with "Grab ur pads, blow ur load" written over them).

In video news, Tom Davis is now on Sunday's UK team, and this is his obligatory 'welcome' video. S.Wales gets rinsed!

Another person in team switching news is Lil Jon, who's now on Kink Pro. Think I might've put this before, but smooth bowl riding = repeatable with no regrets on my side.

In complete contrast to these past two 'team business' videos is this BluntedAtheltics video.

I swear Tammy is actually Butlin's American brother...

Lastly, I've been sorta wanting to get a motorbike to mess around on for a while, and this video isn't helping that. Pretty artfag, but still, do want.

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