Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Drew Bezanson, eh?

The only thing bigger than the moves in that was that embed code. Jesus H. Christ that scared the hell out of me when that popped up. Speaking of rubbish embedding, oh look - the Sunday player. I used to - for some reason - think I wasn't really keen on Alex Magellan's riding, but this video set that straight. Cool style, cool outlook, cool moves. Cool.

I CtrlC+CtrlV'd that content, but I definitely won't be doing that with this Ben Hittle interview, and this Chase Dehart interview, both of which are pretty cool.

As a result of seeing that Ben Hittle interview I lurked TheKinkHouse site and saw this pretty amazing Sean Sexton edit. I'd argue that those moves were oppo rather than switch, but tomato/tomato, right? Way to use an audio joke in a text-based piece eh.

Lastly, yet another awesome video from Mathias Dandois. Seeing as street seems to generally take some cues from flat, it'll be interesting to see what people make of this...

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