Sunday, January 16, 2011


After a few days absence, here's a bit of a round-up of the things I thought were good this week:

May remember me saying earlier in the week: "Something that did come from TheComeUp is this - the intro to OSS "Football", and the first section by Mr. Rory Ellis. Tune! Very much looking forward to Craig Passero and Mastroni's sections in that." Well, here is Craig Passero's section, and it lived up to my expectations!

George Marshall is one of the best BMX photographers in the UK (if not the world, to be fair), and so it's always good to see new content from him - this time over on Defgrip.

A couple of pieces I spotted on Facebook again - firstly a couple of videos linked up by WTP's loose cannon in London Tim Lewis. Both of these videos are edited by Mr. Consistent, Duncan Lloyd, and feature some cool riding from a variety of known and lesser known London names, as well as a section from Merlin. Rad dudes the lot of 'em.

Dyno posted this up too advertising KISBikeCo's - who Dyno's been riding for for a while now - latest frame, the Spark.

Back to more people-I-don't-know based stuff - Floyd, one of Cult's team riders, put up this edit earlier in the week. Pretty cool edit!

Speaking of cool edits, Tom Davis is getting pretty serious these days.

I hadn't really seen much of Kyle Hart's riding before, but just knew he was a pretty loose dude. Turns out he's got the skills too, though. Nollie 5 and oppo 3 rail hops = choice.

Lastly, as I sit here listening to the rain smashing into my window, here's a bit of a Q&A with Bas Keep who's currently living it up in Austin, Texas. Click here to read that, then lurk the Twitter feed embedded in the page to see things like this photo Dakota Roche posted up to show the winter they're dealing with over in Cali. Jealous...

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