Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bold claims.

I'd be willing to go so far as to say that this video is actually better than any video Odyssey have done before (yes, including Electronical). Literally too good. Lots of amazing moves in this, although Hoang Tran's 74,000mph 180 over the end of the rail down a set was ridiculous. Tom Perry and Tom Dugan have some hot lines in this too.


I didn't check the length of that video before I started watching it, and every time it faded to black I thought it was the end, and was then pleasantly surprised when it kicked in again.

Dig have posted up their covers from the year, click here to view.

In related magazine news, Ride US put up this interview with Dakota Roche, Josh Harrington and Brian Kachinsky about rail moves. X-Up toothy hangers, eeeeeeh?

While we're talking new rail tech, here's the pretty sweet "Welcome to the team" edit by Christian Rigal for new sponsors United.

This isn't really 'new' any more, but Johnny Devlin's section from Into The Void is still nuts.

These are new though - filmed in Tokyo for Carhartt, Stefan Lantschner and Eduards Zunda hit up some shiny new spots that are previously un-touched by BMX, and although it's not necessarily cutting edge stuff it's still cool to see good riding on fresh, interesting setups.

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