Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some time later...

So, it's been a while. Saw a bunch of cool stuff I didn't get a chance to post, so here's a sort of fragmented recap on things I thought were good/interesting.

ESPN had a bit of an Empire related frenzy this week (well, not really) - firstly a 'house check' with Chase Hawk showing how riding bicycle well can make you enough money to get amongst it in a piiiiimp apartment, and secondly with a catch-up with Tom from Empire about Dave Parrick who's currently throwing together the new Empire video. Confused? You will be. The last ESPN piece I was going to mention was this interview with Chase Dehart. Seems like a pretty straight-up kinda person which is good to see in this day and age. Seeing as that's a load of text-related posts which will interest about 2% of the readership of this blog, here's some moving pictures and sounds.

Kink are not only almost homeless, but are also in possession of some ridiculously talented riders. This video highlights this.

I spotted this over on Clicked who spotted it on Vinyl (which means, Mr. Anonymous Commenter from before, that I didn't 'just copy it from TCU or Vital'...). Clint Reynolds is one stylish dude, and is yet another reason to buy Anthem 2. Just saying.

Something that did come from TheComeUp is this - the intro to OSS "Football", and the first section by Mr. Rory Ellis. Tune! Very much looking forward to Craig Passero and Mastroni's sections in that.

Lastly, one for you filming geeks - a 1000fps edit that isn't someone nibbling a park. Bruno's got a crazy way of doing things!

Seeing as no-one (apart from Woozy) use it any more, it's mental seeing the embed code for Youtube now having been so used to the new slim-line Vimeo code.

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