Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biiiiig laaaad

Confusing. Just saw this over on Defgrip, checked the Vimeo page to see how old it was and it's 23 days old. Bleurgh. Pesky "private" to "public" changes throwing dates out the window...

Anyway, all that matters is that this is yet another cool video by Rich Forne, featuring some rad dudes in the form of Jason Phelan, Olly Evans and Pete Sawyer. You also get some classic Biiiiig Laaaaad action at the start. Bonus.

Gran Canaria's been pretty big in the skating world this year (well, 2010 but you know what I mean) so I was sort of expecting to see something from there in BMX soon. All good from my point of view, certainly beats seeing people rinsing the same old spots in Barca!

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