Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tunney vision?

It's almost a Tunney Tuesday (although it isn't in that this was all posted on Monday, I'm just posting it on a Tuesday 'cos I had loads to do today) - Defgrip got together with ex-Dig/current-ESPN writer, rider and general font of knowledge Brian Tunney to create one of the more interesting BMX-related interviews I've read online. Click here to read through it, here for Brian's 'personal' site, and here for his predictions for 2011. There aren't that many people out there who have been as involved in all levels of BMX as Tunney has over such a sustained period of time, so it gives things a little more depth and interest compared to the usual lashed together Q&A type stuff with whoever happens to be flavour of the month that appears on various sites from time to time.

Ever since I first got linked to an old episode of Buttery Ass Mondays I've been pretty much hooked on TheBerrics, so it's interesting to see a video from Cult filmed in there. It's weird not seeing the setup being filmed in the usual Berrics style, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some cool lines go down and everyone appears to be having a fun time which is what it's all about. Seeing a car/van full of 'big name pros' getting so visibly excited about going and riding somewhere is good to see, at least they're appreciating the opportunity!

One person who very much appreciated the benefits of being a 'pro' rider - to the extent where he stepped down from the pro team as he apparently didn't feel able to live up to his side of things due to his study commitments (you can read an interview with him here about it, and also get to see a super nice photo of a rail-ride to whip) - was and is Eli Platt, who's section from the Into The Void video went up today. He's also got some choice clips in Anthem II, don'tcha know.

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