Friday, July 09, 2010

I am now tired.

Weekend, w00t.

In case you were unaware, Scotty Ditchburn is really good. Subrosa are, hence him now being on Pro. This is his 'Welcome to the Big Time™' edit:

They've also got some awesome photos from Tom Perry (doing the unusual thing of being 'known' as Tom Perry then sort of going to a nickname, unlike most people who go from being 'known' as a nickname to then using their proper name all the time) on their site.

Something about G-Sport begging for followers on Twitter doesn't really make too much sense in my head - but there we are. A new Dakota Roche video hangs in the balance.

Dakota also has an interview up on ESPN.

Everyone loves new stuff - so does Kink.

Speaking of new stuff, Bas Keep must be getting some new stuff these days in that he's riding for Cult, which is also where I saw this edit.

Lastly - Mutiny have a bunch of photos up of Robbo doing a new line, which happens to look pretty bueno.

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