Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yeah yeah, I know a lot of you don't like football, but damn - from yesterday's semi between the Netherlands and Uruguay. Top corner? You betcha.

Speaking of "top corner", if the spots in this video had to be described in a footballing analogy, I'd classify them as pretty top corner too. Van Homan and Scotty Cranmer doing things for Duo, which I spotted on the G-Sport site (which still has that awesome edit up from yesterday).

In that I don't really think that entirely copying a block of text a writer has created and then poaching the video too (in much the same way that if I did a website purely devoted to scanning pages of Dig and putting them online I'd imagine it'd ruffle a few feathers), I'm just going to link to the ESPN site where you can check out Tunney's write-up and Larry Rhodes' video yourself. It's Big Daddy - why wouldn't you (Answer: Because it was up a few days ago and I didn't spot it first time round, but you've already seen it)?

Gary Young is rad, as are the Tuesdays with Miles videos. Combo.

Lastly - the 2011 Deluxe Tech 2 frames are now in the UK, in a warehouse not too far from the shop as it happens. Deluxe do some good stuff, and if you're after a shiny new trails frame then you'd have to be somewhat of a tool not to check the Tech 2 out.

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