Friday, July 30, 2010


Jeez, this ender's pretty damn precise! Doing those brakeless is literally all good.

First person to do one on a backrail on a quarter wins life.

Jason Owens, aka "That dude from Safety First", has a pretty cool webvid up on the Kink site.

In total contrast, X-Games is going on at the moment. Gary Young won the prelims/eliminator/whatever the hell the thing is that isn't the final of the Park comp. Haven't really seen/heard who's done what else over there, and until I see the highlights video I'm not that fussed...

Those two vids are from ESPN and Ride US. If you want to see Tunney do some sports writing, click here. Would've been fairly unimaginable about 5-6 years ago...

Lastly - Mat Hoffman is rad. This video contains Mat Hoffman and is also therefore rad.

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