Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Totally forgot to put this in when I first put the post live.

The whole "Lil _____" nickname thing has irritated me in what's a fairly irrational way for a while now, so almost purely down to that I hadn't really checked out this video until just now. I'm glad I did though, because the riding is out of hand. There's something about the 180 point of a well-thrown truck that just looks absolutely amazing. It's hard to explain what I mean, but hopefully to those of you who understand you'll appreciate it too...

No doubt all the tools who complain about sponsorship changes (e.g. "Oh, Dakota Roche left Fit when he had a signature frame and then left Lotek when he got a signature shoe too") are going to be all over this, but Dan Lacey is now off Lotek. Inside knowledge: I usually fully manually type everything when I'm doing a link like that - the whole a href biz, the bold tags, the name, then the closing tags. As a result, it gives me a little time to think absentmindedly as I type them, and I was so uninterested in that snippet of news that I almost stopped typing mid-way through it. Either way, apparently Dan's using Vans at the moment which is both pleasant in a rhyming sense but is also an indicator of good taste as Vans shoes are absolutely awesome. The TNT4s have been keeping my feet intact and dry for the past few months (taking over duty from the Half Cab), and they're pretty much the best shoe out there. Assuming of course you buy shoes based on their performance advantages and a preference for understated style rather than purchasing requirements being "Gigantic" and "Gawdy".

If you, like me, can't believe that a paragraph about shoes was just spawned from a snippet of news that even I didn't care about, well... there we go. Maybe watch this to take your mind off things.

Check that full circle out too re: the first and last rider names. Editing prowess, yo!

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