Friday, July 02, 2010

Acer laptop lunchtime edit.

This whole "Flipcam edit" thing that people keep doing has been mildly irritating me for a while, simply in terms of me not caring what people film it on, and it not mattering what they filmed it on (If someone puts a photo up online, they don't generally go "Here's a new Canon edit"...). You don't need to justify why your video's low quality. Regardless, Ride have stepped the pointless title game up a little bit by making an "iPhone 4 brakeless edit". I wonder how specific, in months to come, video titles are going to be? Maybe include temperature and humidity to really convey the difficult conditions both rider and filmer had to include? "Sony VX-1000, fisheye lens, brakeless, 24°C, 85% humidity, slightly dehydrated, partially hungry" edit, maybe? Who knows. Anyway, here's the video I initially mentioned.

Filmed on a shiny new iPhone, don'tchaknow.

In other news, Federal/FocalPoint rider Troy Jackson has an edit up. I don't really know what it was filmed with so you're going to have to sit through the video under the heavy cloud of mystery about what they used, but he is brakeless in case you couldn't work it out from simply watching the video and needed to be told in the title of it.

Jeff K has done some interesting things on his bike that were filmed somehow and edited using some editing programme then uploaded to the Etnies website to view with whatever you're looking at this on to be seen by your eyes.

Paul Ryan is really good and is currently being slowly cooked under the warm Spanish sun. This is him getting some lines in before the BCN Pro comp.

I was going to call the "Dove for men" pre-roll ad on this video flagrantly gay, but "fragrantly gay" would be a far better pun, so there we are. Once you get past the 'fragrantly' gay Dove pre-roll, there are good things to be seen.

This soup's not going to eat itself, so bye bye.

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