Monday, September 07, 2009


Holeshot rules. This is Holeshot's September video. Coleman Lopes also rules...

A new Barcode?

Head tube angle : 74.5 degrees
Seat tube angle : 71 degrees
Rear end length : 14"
BB height : 11 & 15/16 inches
Toptube : 21.25", 21" and maybe a 20.75" or a 20.6" version depending on demand
Stand over height : 20 & 7/16 inches
Gussets : top tube and down tube
With or without brake mounts (the production ones will have slightly lower brake mounts than the prototype shown)
Weight : 5.0 pounds flat
Price : TBA

I have received a lot of emails regarding the height of the BB on the Garrett frame being 12", and I'm probably going to have more coming regarding the BB height on this one as well. Our BB height has always been the same. They used to measure 11.75" from the ground, to the center of the crank spindle. And although the Garrett frame now has one at 12", and this one at 11 & 15/16, the frames have not changed one bit. This is due to running larger tires. I used to never run 2.25" tires. I think I used to run a Primo Dirt-Monster in the front that was 2.1" and a V-Monster in the back that was a 1.95". As the width of a tires increases, so does the outside diameter of it. Therefore, raising the BB as well. I hope this clears some of the questions up.

We are taking pre-orders for the first batch of these Barcodes. Send an email to : and put BARCODE in the subject space. First run of Barcodes will be done Flat Black.


Ought to keep everyone quiet for the next few days while I'm away in Preston...

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