Thursday, September 03, 2009

Une vidéo de bicyclette.

Seriously, give Ryan Elcock a beret and that's some proper French steez.

Consider that as one for all you park dudes out there too. Blog equality and all that.

If you want to hear a really elaborate way of saying "I used to ride Orchid, but now ride for Duffs", then click here.

At 0:30 in this video by Will Evans, why is Stefan Lantschner shooting photos?!

This is a video of a street jam:

If you're thinking to yourself "Hot damn, that looks sweet!" - you have the chance to get involved in one. THIS SUNDAY at 12pm meeting at mini Lloyds (aka Norwich Union hip) at Bristol, P5 are holding a jam. Seriously - this isn't even a case of "Be there or be square", it's a case of "Be there and have an awesome time or be... well, don't." Not quite as catchy, but it gets the point across.

Another day, another Dry Spell section - Pete Greaves this time, in a section of the video he edited himself. Big 'n' tall!

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