Friday, September 04, 2009

Today is a good day?

Woke up feeling nice and refreshed. Played with the kitten a bit. Sunny outside. My sister's making me some food. In an hour, I'm gonna get on a train to Trowbridge to ride with the shop team rider Joel Nicholls. I fire up my computer to just check some e-mails. Friend I haven't heard from in a while had sent me a message. Check out some other sites, then spot this. When I first started riding, this was the first DVD I had. I bought it off Dan for a fiver 'cos he didn't like it (blasphemy!), and I watched this section pretty much every time I went out riding. Steven Hamilton, in Federal's Trafaelio (Which, incidentally, is a kinda phonic way of saying 'travelling' in Welsh).

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