Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Poached good 'n' proper from both the Streetphire board and main site is this video of some dudes from Leeds riding both Leeds and Paris. Good stuff!

While I was grabbing the loot from SP, I also spotted that the next section from Brighton Ain't Ready is up - featuring Darryl Tocco, Davey Watson and Mat Roe. Jon Taylor (Namedrop) told me that he thought that Mat Roe hitting that sign thing like a spine (Hammerdrop) was the best thing in B.A.R. Bold claim, but at the same time it's pretty true. I mean, you really need to see that thing, but I have no idea how you'd ever think of doing that, nor be capable of doing it. Just another reason that that dude's so good - incredible control, something a lot of people seem to neglect as they try and +1 their whip or bars count...

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