Saturday, September 05, 2009


1,300th post? How?! Probably 'cos it's been around for a reasonably long time. Speaking of Long, Matty Long (Most tenuous intro out of any of the other 1,299...):

Forgot to pop this up yesterday (and I don't think I've done it before?), but Subrosa have got a new stem coming out that kinda looks like a revised Attack stem?

Oh, and about stuff I did yesterday - put up that David Grant (well, partially David Grant) video, he's got an interview up on BMXUnion now.

Wiz, 2x4. The trick-to-sunglasses-drop-to-ride-over is the ultimate highlight. Bonus - check out how far his shoe flies when he falls off that jersey barrier. Physics defiance.

Defgrip posted up that James Wade has put a new photobook up - click here, then go to August.

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