Monday, September 07, 2009


Usually, the standard "WEED WEED WEED 4:20 BLAZE BLAZE BLAZE" kinda web-vids are pretty tedious, and seem to have to feature at least 15seconds of footage of people just smoking, but fortunately, this video doesn't. I went to the Bristol P5 street jam yesterday (Which, since you're asking, was awesome), and like after most jams, web-videos just bore me. They never really get that 'feel' of riding after seeing plenty of nuts stuff in the flesh, but this video broke through that and is really good. Good tune, awesome riding, good filming. Winners.

I've actually got a set of bolts heading across the Atlantic from this guy (I hate the imperial bolts on my Profile stem. They're getting dangerously tweaked out already. 6mm bolts on everything rule.), so it's good to hear a bit more about the man himself. Click here for an interview with the dude who runs BlueSix.

This is the Brighton Ain't Ready mix section, that has so many different people in it that I'm reasonably sure the only people who aren't in this video are you and me. No joke.

Plenty of deeecent stuff in here, straight from Dig.

Josh Betley has a frighteningly unpleasant looking bike. No joke.

Josh Betley @ Brown Skatepark - More BMX Videos

That's all for now. They tweaked the prescription for my lenses in my glasses, and I have a beast of a headache coming on...

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