Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shiny shiny.

For just $30.00, you can now upgrade your plastic pedals to sealed bearing, with an option of a titanium spindle too. Apparently this guy makes kits for different pedals, but this is the one for Twisted PCs:

Custom modified sealed bearing plastic pedals.

Available Options for most Pc Pedals on the market:

Titanium or quality machined steel spindles.
Sealed cartridge outer ball bearings (Ceramic available on request)
Needle roller inner bearings
Proprietary multipurpose polyurethane rings.

Item description:

Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals (high impact nylon body)
Titanium Nitride coated Solid Titanium axles. x 2 "Maximum rider weight is not too exceed 185lbs"
Shielded cartridge ball bearings x 2
Needle roller bearings x 2
Polyurethane rings x 6 (Purpose: Seal, thrust and shock absorption)

All parts available separately, with Kits starting @ $30.00USD

Click here - but you'll need a Global-Flat account to view it.

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