Saturday, September 05, 2009

Good day cont'd

Well, aside from taking one to the hip the moment I got riding, today was good.

Other people have been doing stuff today, too.

Colony posted up some pics of Liam Fahy Hampton's signature grip. "They are extra long to... look more in proportion on today’s wider handlebars." Right...

Orchid posted up the new colourway of Beringer's shoe, the Cobra:

Superstar released some info on their new stem, the Edge 9. Looks like an updated Elect stem to me, which is all good. 49mm reach, 258g, an "assymetric" style bar clamp (Think: Fit DL-series stems) where you tighten the front up flush then the rear to clamp - and it comes in red, black or grey.

Dig did a bikecheck with Robbo so you can see, once and for all, what his seat's actually like. Clickity.

Oh, and if you like watching David Grant ride with his weird rubbery arms, you'll like watching this. Because it contains David Grant. Which is what I was getting at.

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