Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cause and effect.

Here's a video of George French riding Sheffield (Spotted on Ride.

Here's a video of Joe Cox riding (Amongst other places) Sheffield. Cause and effect?

Heard a few mixed reviews of Joe's section on TWW, but I'm fully keen. Bangers, bangers and more bangers. The dude's too good, and - as with everything on TWW - the sound track is awesome.

Entirely different kinda video now, ODI's team headed over to 'frisco for a session. Hefty. Ender.

Totally different, yet again, is this video from the Oakley Trails Championships thing. The unofficially kick-out comp still going on?

Yet more 2010 completes, this time it's Eastern.

Seeing as everyone else is doing it, Lotek have put the Mike Hoder web-video up for embedability (WORD UP) everywhere now, rather than just their own site (And Streetphire thanks to H-Man's 1337 skillz).

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