Thursday, February 11, 2010

Man alive, check out the new Partners In Crime edit over on Freedom - those spots are amazing! Pretty rad video too, but hot damn, I wanna ride Spain/Italy now! Linkage.

Don't know whether it's 'cos they've got some holes to fill in their range now, or just that 4Down have been working on this for a while, but Ben Lewis is getting a signature frame according to Ride.

20″ – 21″ TT, 13″ rear end, 75.5 HT and 69 degree ST - interesting.

Apparently Seventies have a bit of room in their warehouses after Xmas, as they've managed to build a pretty nuts looking indoor setup there. Fair bit more to that than there was last time I was there!

In some ways I was glad I missed the NCSL prem so I didn't have to watch myself ride. Unfortunately for Sean Sexton and Darryl Tocco, this video got made. I guess on the flipside, they're actually amazingly good so it shouldn't be quite so much of a hardship...

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